Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2006 Season
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Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2006 Season Cheatmode: ---------- Submitted by: Haspa Enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate the cheat function. Result Code ------------------------------------------------------- Set world detail; 0 is maximum detail - Mod_ctbmul Unlock indicated career mode mission - Mod_givemission Free items in backpack - Mod_autoequip Set fog color in RGB format - Mod_fogcolor Spawn indicated animal - Mod_spawnanimal Play narration for current level - Mod_playvoice Skip to next mission - Mod_endmission Teleport to random animal - Mod_gotoanimal Get indicated amount of money - Mod_needmoney Toggle camera follow random animal - Mod_animalcam Set amount of fatigue; 0 is 100% - Mod_settiredness Set amount of hunger; 0 is 100% - Mod_sethunger Set amount of thirst; 0 is 100% - Mod_setthirst Set time in hours and minutes - Mod_settime Teleports to indicated point in level - Mod_movetoent Teleport to indicated coordinates - Mod_movetopos Teleport to vehicle - Mod_movetocar Shoot weapon to teleport destination, then enable code. - Mod_teleporthere Toggle display of current map and coordinates - Mod_bspandpos 5 is no damage; 0 is head damage; 1 is right arm; 2 is left arm;3 is right leg; 4 is left leg - Mod_damagepart Displays player's current condition and credits - Mod_showatrval Toggle winning current tournament - Mod_endtournament Toggle bullet movement control - Mod_bulletguide Set fog amount; negative numbers increase fog - Mod_fogstart Toggle animal movement - Mod_animalfreeze Toggle third person view - Mod_force3rd Unlock all items at store - Cheat_availableitems Unlock all quick hunt mode sub regions when code is used in career mode - Cheat_finishcareerflag Get indicated item for free - Mod_buyitem Load indicated single player map - Spmap Animals cannot move or attack - Aidisableact Annimals cannot attack - Aidisablethink Display version - Appversion Quit game - Exit Display most console commands - Help Unknown - Mod_sspd Unknown - Mod_tspd Unknown - Mod_hspd Unknown - Cheat_skilldone Unknown - Cheat_trophyhorns Unknown - Mod_fogend Unknown - Mod_jumpon Unknown - Mod_freecam Unknown - Mod_stealthmode Unknown - Mod_showatr Unknown - Mod_playermodel Unknown - Mod_killanimal Unknown - Mod_setsoundstealth Unknown - Mod_setsmellstealth Unknown - Mod_setvisualstealth Unknown - Mod_botcam Unknown - Mod_tagcheck Unknown - Mod_movetospawn

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