Gauntlet - Dark Legacy - Platform: Playstation 2
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Gauntlet - Dark Legacy - Platform: Playstation 2 Invincibility ------------ Enter INVULN as a name. Permanent super shot with large crossbow: Enter SSHOTS as a name. Permanent Pojo the Chicken: Enter EGG911 as a name. Permanent Anti-Death: Enter 1ANGEL as a name. Permanent invisibility: Enter 000000 as a name. Permanent x-ray vision : Enter PEEKIN as a name. Permanent full turbo: Enter PURPLE as a name. Permanent triple shot: Enter MENAGE as a name. Permanent reflect shot: Enter REFLEX as a name. Permanent shrink enemy and growth: Enter DELTA1 as a name. Always have nine potions and keys: Enter ALLFUL as a name. Run quickly: Enter XSPEED as a name. Throw quickly: Enter QCKSHT as a name. 10,000 gold per level: Enter 10000K as a name. Dwarf is a large jester: Enter ICE600 as a name. Dwarf in S&M costume: Enter NUD069 as a name. Jester is a stick figure with smiley face: Enter STX222 as a name. Jester is a stick figure with baseball cap head: Enter KJH105 as a name. Jester is a stick figure with Mohawk head: Enter PNK666 as a name. Knight is a Roman centurion: Enter BAT900 as a name. Knight is a ninja (sword and claws) costume: Enter TAK118 as a name. Knight is a bald man in street clothes (Sean Gugler) : Enter STG333 as a name. Knight is an orange-skirted waitress: Enter KAO292 as a name. Knight wears street clothes (Chris Sutton): Enter CSS222 as a name. Knight wears street clothes: Enter ARV984 as a name. Knight wears street clothes and baseball cap: Enter DIB626 as a name. Knight is a quarterback: Enter RIZ721 as a name. Knight wears black karate outfit with twin scythes: Enter SJB964 as a name. Knight wears black outfit and cape: Enter DARTHC as a name. Valkyrie as the grim reaper with bloody scythe: Enter TWN300 as a name. Valkyrie as a Japanese school girl: Enter AYA555 as a name. Valkyrie as a cheerleader with baton: Enter CEL721 as a name. Warrior with an ogre costume: Enter CAS400 as a name. Warrior as an Orc Boss: Enter MTN200 as a name. Warrior with a rat head: Enter RAT333 as a name. Wizard with an evil appearance: Enter GARM99 as a name. Wizard as an undead lich: Enter GARM00 as a name. Wizard as a pharaoh: Enter DES700 as a name. Wizard as an alien: Enter SKY100 as a name. Wizard as Sumner: Enter SUM224 as a name. View FMV sequences: Hold X while the game loads. All FMV sequences in the game will begin to play after the copyright screen. Press X to advance to the next sequence. Introduction sequence: Press L2 at the Midway Games screen to see how the story begins. Random name: Press X at the name screen to submit a blank entry to get a random name. Bonus levels: Play the first level three or more times, then go to the Section level. Play that level two times to unlock another section of levels. Screensaver: Pause game play and do not press any buttons. Eventually some axes will start flying around the screen. Skip and pause FMV sequences: Press X or Circle to advance to the next FMV sequence. Press Triangle to pause and resume the FMV sequence. Defeating Bosses: An easy way to defeat the Bosses is to buy four or five of the following items before the fight: Triple Shot, Rapid Fire, a magical amulet (Acid, Light, Fire, etc.) that the Boss is weak against. Get close and press the button as fast as possible. It is amazing how quickly the Boss' life goes down. This strategy can be used for every Boss in the game and also makes the Spider Queen very easy. If you have at least 10,000 gold, buy two Invincibilitys, two Rapid Fires, two Super Shots, and two Phoenixes. Use the rest of the money on any of those four to have some extras. Enter the battle and just hold X. You will not get hurt and the Boss will die in a few seconds. Buy five to eight hammers, go up to the Boss, and press X as quickly as possible. Since you are invulnerable while you swing, you almost always never get hit. Use this on any Boss for easy experience and gold. Note: It does not work as well with the Queen Spider. By lots of Super Shot and do not stop shooting at the Boss. Note: This will not work against the Lich and Spider Queen. Defeating Plague: Go to the far upper right or left. You should be directly next to his vat. This is his blind spot, and very few attacks can reach you. Just fire away at him until he is dead. Note: This is best done with two players, one on each side of his vat. Defeating Skorne: Enable the "10,000 gold per level" code. When you defeat the Wraith, you should have 40,000 gold. Next, shop and buy 20,000 gold worth of invincibility and 20,000 gold worth of the Hammer. When you run out of hammers, Skorne should at least have half of his life gone, and you will still have invincibility throughout the entire battle. Iif you run out of invincibility, use a second player as a sacrifice. Defeating Generals: Fire a strong attack. The General will block it. Then, fire a turbo attack. Repeat this until they are dead. For a more powerful hit, use the turbo attack when close to them. Easy experience: Killing the Spider Queen repeatedly. She is worth the best experience. If you have some friends playing, have them use the "Defeating Bosses" trick for rapid killing. You can get two to three levels per fight depending on how long your items lasted. Go to any level in the Forsaken Province world. Instead of destroying a generator, keep killing the enemies. If you have gotten to the Plague Fiend in the Sky World, use the trick where you go to the top right or left corner and attack the Plague Fiend for an easier victory. Stay there and throw your weapon at the Plague Fiend until it dies, then collect the 5 gold pieces it drops. You should have only lost about 1000 or 2000 health, and at least gained 1 level. When you pick up all the coins, you should have about 10,000 gold. Next, go shopping and buy all the Meat you can get. Should have a lot of treasure remaining to buy other items, including add-ons to your attack, speed, defense, and magic. Repeat this until you have all the items and experience needed. Stronger magic: When you use magic, it will be stronger depending on your character's color. Blue: Lightning potions are stronger and have better radius. Lightning shields are also larger. Green: Acid potions are stronger and have better radius. Acid shields are also stronger Red: Fire potions are stronger and have better radius. Fire shields are also stronger. Yellow: Light potions are stronger and have better radius. Light shields are also stronger Maximum character attributes: Enable the "10,000 gold per level" code. You will start the game with 10,000 gold. Go shopping and buy magic, armor, strength, or speed until you are out of gold. Return to the game and you will once again have 10,000 gold. Keep buying attribute level-ups until your character has 999 strength, 999 armor, 999 speed and 999 magic. You can also replenish your health following a tough level by buying meat until it is restored. Save your character or this will have to be repeated. Level 99 Sumner: so get the level 99 Sumner, go to the second level of the Battle Grounds, and play it normally. Find the exit, then backtrack until you find a bridge. It will be towards the front of the screen. You should not have to go far to find it. Enter the trap door and get all the coins. Note: You may need to unlock all the other secret characters first. When collecting all the coins, start on the right side. This level is very difficult and may require a few attempts. Sumner's stats are: Level: 99 Strength: 999 Speed: 999 Armor: 999 Magic: 999 Gold: 5000 Health: 9999 Keys: 9 Potions: 9 Mini Mr. T. Dwarf: Choose the Dwarf as your character and cycle through his colors until you get to the one where he is black and is wearing yellow. You will see a near exact Mr. T replica. Mini Skorne: When you defeat Skorne the first time, get the items he drops. Wait until you exit the shop screen, then put them all on. You look like a smaller version of Skorne. Note: This works best with the Dwarf. Forsaken Province world: Mausoleum level: Dead man alive: Go to where you lower the wooden bridge. Walk near the coffins and you will hear a person screaming and pounding to get out. Finding Runestones: Go to Sumner and scroll down to "Runestones". It will tell you the next Runestone location. Avoiding traps: Use levitation to get over traps. You can walk over them when the spikes appear. Screaming and shaking treasure box: When you use your x-ray vision glasses and see a skull with cross-bones (Death) in a treasure chest, stand next to the chest, but do not open it. Use one of your magic potion bottles. The treasure chest should start to shake, and you will hear Death screaming. Turn cherries into apples: You must be at least at level 60, when you are told that your potions can purify poisoned food. If there is a poison barrel next to a cherry, hit the barrel. The cherry should turn into poison fruit. Next, use a potion on the poison fruit and it should turn into an apple. Note: Electric potions will not work. Glitch: Different color attack: Use a fast or slow attack with your character, then immediately use a slow attack. Your attack will be a different color

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