MPV Baseball 2005
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MPV Baseball 2005 Create a Player Unlockables: --------------------------- These codes are entered as the first and last name when you create a player. First code in "" is the first name and second code in "" is the last name. Credit goes to five of mvpmods for finding these codes. Code Effect ------------------------------------- "KATIE" "ROY" - Unlocks all MVP Rewards Keegan Paterson - Player with huge bat Jacob Paterson - Player with huge bat Isaiah Paterson - Player with huge bat "NEVERLOSE" "SIGHT" - Unlocks the Green Jersey (a.k.a The St. Patrick's Day Jersey) for the Boston Red Sox More broken bats: ----------------- Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named Mark Curran, Les Kram, or G Clark (case-sensitive). Bad hitter: ----------- Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named erik kiss (case-sensitive). The player will have a skinny bat that will break every time and send a little dribbler to the pitcher for a sure out. Also, you cannot bunt with him; it will just go foul. Easy grand slam: ---------------- Trade all fast players like O. Cabrera, Ichiro, and Carlos Beltran to one team. Create the the jacob paterson player and sign him. Then, put the fast players as the first three hitters and the slugger as the number four batter. Have the first three players bunt. While this happens, take control of the other team so they cannot throw the ball. All of the fast players will be on base and the slugger will be up. Most of the time he will hit a grand slam. Easy strike outs: ----------------- Either throw curveballs down and out of the strike zone or to throw a slider that will curve outward form the batter. Note: This may not work as well against well disciplined hitters, such as Albert Pujols. Easy saves: ----------- After your starter has pitched six innings and your team is winning, no matter what the score, put in your closer in the seventh inning. Have him pitch the rest of the game. Steal home easily: ------------------ Create a player that has 99 to100 in everything. Bunt to get to first base, then lead off as much as possible. Choose to steal third base just before you get to the base choose home plate. The third baseman will not throw it to home plate and you will be safe. Easy MVP points: ---------------- In dynasty mode, after simulating a season and before you go to the playoffs, save the game. Then, keep reloading it. This will give you a lot of MVP points. Tinker Field: ------------- Spring Training Stadium Three is in reality Tinker Field in Orlando, Florida. The football stadium past the outfield the Citrus Bowl, home to the University of Central Florida's Golden Knights, and the 2004-2005 season Capitol One Bowl. Argue calls: ------------ If you argue with Joe Torre at any intensity level, even none, he will be ejected. Do not argue with him unless it is at the end of the game. Renamed players: ---------------- Every non-created player that has the number 86 is a player in real life. For example, the Red Sox's first baseman Anthony Friese #86 is actually Kevin Millar #15. Hidden image: ------------- Play at Oriole Stadium and hit with a left-handed hitter. Intentionally miss, then change views to see the pitch from above. Look directly over home plate to see a face. Pause game play and look carefully to find it. Babe Ruth reference: -------------------- After winning the Home Run Showdown, your player will point up like Babe Ruth did before his famous home run. Owner Mode: Promotional days: ----------------------------- The best time to schedule promotional days in Owner mode are the first game of the season, the first game of each series, every game for rivalry series, and the final game of the season.

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