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ParaWorld is real-time strategy game set in a parallel world between a prehistoric world, where warring tribes and dinosaurs rule, and our world in the 19th century. Using an unprecedented unit management user interface called the “Army Controller,” players play a campaign, where they get to know and play three different tribes (Norsemen, Dustriders and Dragon Clan). As they advance in the campaign, players get to play all three tribes, but in the last third of the game they need to pick the best tribe for the level they are facing. If the player fails to succeed, they have the option to pick a different tribe and try a completely different strategy. Side-by-side with 9 controllable heroes, players explore 16 equally atmospheric and dangerous prehistoric scenarios located in five climatic zones. Each level contains main quests and side quests. Both the option to pick any tribe to play in the last third of the campaign and the side quests increase the game’s replay value, motivating players to go through a level more than once in order to improve performance. The Army Controller unit management system is one of the key aspects of ParaWorld. It evolves the genre and goes beyond typical RTS interface. With this interface that appears unobtrusively on the screen, players can view all of their units at a glance and have general awareness of each unit’s health, danger, activity and levelup capabilities. Also selecting several units consecutively even if they are spread across the map takes seconds by simply marking the unit icons in the Army Controller. Armed with devastating weapons, commanding powerful fighting dinosaurs and controlling up to fifty units, players go into battle in gripping single-player and multiplayer action. Up to eight players can battle each other in more than 15 multiplayer levels. There are three multiplayer modes to choose among – Team Deathmatch, Defender (one player has to defend his base against all the other players), and Domination (capture the flag). Features: -Prehistoric parallel world with more than 16 playable maps and 5 different climatic zones: Northland,  Jungle, Savannah, Icewaste and Ashvalley. -3 different LAN and Internet multiplayer modes for up to 8 players with 9 playable heroes. -Gigantic combat units, Units have their own special and finishing moves. -Comprehensive solo campaigns with 3 completely different tribes and 7 playable heroes. -Over 50 different types of animals including 40 incredibly detailed dinosaurs. -Heroes allow the construction unique buildings, develop new abilities and collect and use different items. -Revolutionary unit management.


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