Adventure in Serenia - The Wizard and the Princess
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Adventure in Serenia - The Wizard and the Princess Walkthrough: ------------ Starting in Serenia: -Go South - South - East - South - East - South. GET ROCK. -Go North - West - North - North. Look out, there is a snake! THROW ROCK to kill snake. -Go North. Now you are hot and thirsty, DRINK some water. Now you feel better. -Go East. GET STICK. -Go West - West. There is a cactus with a hole in it - LOOK (in) HOLE. There is a cracker in the hole. GET CRACKER. -Go North. There is a snake trapped by a rock. GET ROCK and free snake and he will give you a magic word. -Go East, South, USE STICK on blue rattlesnake to get him to leave and LOOK in HOLE - GET NOTE - READ NOTE - DROP NOTE. -North - North. There is a locket. GET LOCKET - OPEN LOCKET - LOOK LOCKET, it says Lucy. -Go West, GET NOTE - READ NOTE. -Go West - North, There is a deep chasm. Say HOCUS and bridge will appear. -Go North across, and East into house, GET APPLE. -West - North - There is a Gnome here, do not talk to him, if you do he will rob you. -Go East - East - North. Here, there is a hill with a crevice. HISS, GO CREVICE. -South - South - South. GET LOCKET - GET CRACKER - GET BREAD. UNLOCK DOOR - OPEN DOOR - GO DOOR. -UP - GO HOLE. -East - North. There is a parrot. GIVE CRACKER - GET VIAL from parrot. -Go South - West - West - North, Here ia a brook. FILL FLASK in brook. -Go North Up Down South South West. GIVE BREAD to lion. -Go North. GET ROPE - GO BOAT - USE BLANKET TO FIX BOAT. -Go North - North - DRINK water - North - East - East - East. LEAVE BOAT. -Go East - North - North. GET ANCHOR. USE ROPE on anchor. -Go West, THROW ROPE tree and go Up, GET SHOVEL, go Down, -Go South - South, DIG, GET CHEST. A pirate will take chest. -Go East - North - West, GO CAVE, OPEN CHEST, LOOK CHEST, GET HARP, LEAVE CAVE. -Go East - North. DRINK VIAL. -Go North - North. GET RING. -Go North and TALK to woman. -Go West, GO RAINBOW and GET COIN. -Go North, say LUCY. -Go West - West - North. GO CAVE - GET ALL. -LEAVE CAVE and go South then West. -PLAY HARP to giant and the giant will leave. -Go North - North, LOOK TABLE and BUY HORN, -Go North - North, PLAY HORN and go North - North and you are in a maze. -Go West - West - West - North - East - East - North - North - West - North - East - East - East. -USE KNIFE and OPEN DOOR. Go East, Up, Down, Up. WEAR RING, RUB RING and go Down then East -KISS FROG and go East - East. -OPEN CLOSET, LOOK CLOSET, GET SHOES. -LOOK SHOES - WEAR SHOES - say WHOOSH. -LOOK.


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