Alien Legacy
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Alien Legacy (TM) FAQ -------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. VERSION NUMBER, AUTHOR, MAINTAINER 1.2. PLEASE NOTE! 1.3. THANKS TO ... 2. NON-SPOILER SECTION 2.1. PLOTLINE 2.2. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 2.2.1. IS THERE A PATCH? 2.2.2. I SOMETIMES GET WEIRD ERRORS. 2.2.3. ONE ADVISOR SAYS ONE THING, ANOTHER SAYS SOMETHING ELSE. WHO DO I LISTEN TO? 2.2.4. I'VE SEARCHED EVERYWHERE FOR CLUES, AND I'M NOT FINDING ANY MORE. 2.2.5. WHY DO I GET SILLY OR NON-HELPFUL MESSAGES DISPLAYED IN PDA:LOG? 2.2.6. IS THERE A GOOD REASON TO PROBE EVERY PLANET? 2.3. POINTERS AND NEAT TRICKS 2.3.1. BUG! (OR IS IT A FEATURE?) 2.3.2. BUG! (BUT USEFUL!) 2.3.3. DO I REALLY NEED TO BUILD LOTS OF RESEARCH FACILITIES? 2.3.4. STRATEGY, ANYONE? 2.3.5. HOW TO GET LOTS OF VEHICLES. 2.3.6. ADVISORS HOW DO I SEND AN ADVISOR SOMEWHERE? HOW DO I KNOW WHEN TO SEND AN ADVISOR SOMEWHERE? [ANY] ADVISOR TOLD ME [ANYTHING]. WHAT DO I DO NOW? 2.3.7. GRUMBLE, GROWL WHY WON'T THEY LET ME SORT THE COLONIES IN THE COLONY MANAGER? I SURE WOULD LIKE A WAY TO QUICKLY ``FILL UP'' VEHICLES' CARGO HOLDS. 3. SPOILER SECTION (SPOILERS DELETED FROM THE TABLE OF CONTENTS!) 3.1. PLOTLINE 3.2. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 3.3. POINTERS AND NEAT TRICKS -------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction 1.1. Version Number, Author, Maintainer Version Number: 95.02.03 (First release) Previous release: 95.02.02 Any Changes? Yes. First release: 95.02.03 Author/Maintainer: Michael Andersson 1.2. Please note! This is a work in progress. I want your input. If you feel I have left something out, tell me. If I have misspelled something, tell me. If you have a question you think should be included, tell me. If I have made a flagrant mistake, tell me. In other words, tell me anything you can think of to make this a better document. My email is . I will NOT cover material that is already covered in the game's manual. Really! The manual is only 92 pages long, including the Index and Table of Contents--SO READ IT! There even is a small troubleshooting section, and I do not want to duplicate what has already been done. If there is a question that is frequently asked, and the answer is in the manual, I will put ``RTFM'' as an answer. Maybe if I feel nice, I'll put a page number. I will not tell you how to play the game. RTFM. And if people send me email asking stupid questions, I will either tell them to RTFM or RTFfaq. Other than that, I'm a real nice and helpful kinda guy. Also, I have tried to be extremely careful about spoilers. The ``Non-Spoiler'' section has nothing, not even plotline elements that come out later in the game. The ``Spoilers'' section is a free-for-all- -any information could show up anywhere. 1.3. Thanks to ... Michael Lewchuk , for his initial questions, subsequent help and e-conversations, and especially his detailed analysis of various installations' effectiveness. Thomas Ruschak , for his plotline summary. Lab Master , for assimilating much of the start-up information and volunteering me for this job. Ron Williams


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